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Proudly serving High Point & Greensboro, NC with Quality Furniture & Mattresses at a Deep Discount!
Proudly serving High Point & Greensboro, NC with Quality Furniture & Mattresses at a Deep Discount!
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Our Shipping Policy

Local Delivery and Pickup: (Greensboro NC and Surrounding Area)

Furniture Clearance Center, LLC offers in store pickup and local delivery in the greater Greensboro North Carolina area.  We offer drop off only, or full white-glove service in the Piedmont Triad area.  Costs vary with circumstances and distances, but as a general rule, we charge a $75.00 per stop drop off fee, or $150.00 for full white-glove service per stop via our truck.  These services are limited to a 50 mile radius from our warehouse.  This service is one we provide in-house, but as with any delivery, the customer is responsible to inspect all merchandise and note any issues before signing the paperwork. Please refer to the damage inspection procedures below.


Outstate NC and Eastern US White-Glove Full-Service Delivery:

White-Glove full-service delivery available East of the Mississippi River through Furniture USA Distribution.  They also have service available Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and limited areas of Nevada and Southern California.  Rates calculated at checkout.  Allow approximately 4 weeks for white-glove delivery of large furniture items.  Smaller pieces under 65lbs can be shipped nationwide via UPS.


LTL Freight Available for the 48 Contiguous US States:

Larger, heavier items can be shipped through one of our several freight carriers by pallet or other measure. If you are not sure whether the item you are about to purchase will be shipped freight or not, please ask us prior to placing your order.

  1. Our freight shipping is a “Self Service” CURBSIDE ONLY delivery without liftgate. The customer is required to help unload items from off the back of the freight truck as well as bringing any merchandise into their home. You do not have to physically enter the truck. We recommend that you have someone available to assist you with receiving your order.

  2. Freight trucks are large and can often be actual tractor trailers. If the road in which the package is being delivered is narrow or remote by the freight carrier’s required standards, the delivery truck may not be able to fit and accommodate delivery. In this instance, the delivery will need to be arranged at the closest main road. If a delivery to home is requested, additional fees may be required to accommodate. Returns for this reason are considered as a refusal and subject to our standard return policy.

  3. Freight delivery drivers are not full service movers and do not bring merchandise inside a buyer's residence due to liability. They also do not unpack and remove the merchandise from the shipping cartons. It is the buyer's responsibility to do this as is the case with any order that is purchased online and shipped. The buyer is also responsible for discarding said shipping materials and wooden freight pallet if applicable.


The Following are LTL Freight Guidelines to Ensure a Smooth Delivery Process:

  • PHONE NUMBER - When your item arrives at the terminal closest to your home, the freight company will call you to set up a delivery appointment. Please make sure we have the best phone number to reach you. Any changes made to the address and / or phone number after the order has been shipped is subject to an intercept and transportation fee, which is charged to us by the carrier.

  • APPOINTMENT - Delivery appointments are required and scheduled directly between buyer and carrier if being brought to a home residence. While everything will be done to accommodate your schedule, the delivery can only be arranged based on the carrier's hours of operation and availability, generally Monday – Friday. The carrier will often provide an estimated 4 hour window of time for the day / date selected and can typically on request; call you within an hour prior to arrival if you need to meet them at the delivery location. If your delivery address is a business, the freight carrier may not call ahead and can arrive any time within regular business hours. If you want or require an appointment, please let us know prior to shipment so arrangements can be made.

    • If you are unable to be successfully contacted to schedule delivery within two to three days once the local freight carrier is in possession of your order, daily storage fees may begin to be charged that you will be responsible for.

    • If the order is returned to us due to the inability to schedule delivery, it will be subject to our standard return policy.

    • Our shippers provide an Estimated Time Frame for delivery. Do not take time off work or arrange for hired help based solely on these dates. A scheduled day and time are required to be set with the freight carrier so you are aware of exactly when to expect delivery. If time and money are lost due to a buyer missing work and/or hiring movers without there having ever been a scheduled delivery with the carrier, Furniture Clearance Center, LLC is not responsible for any compensation for such loss. Returns resulting from this type of situation will be subject to our standard return policy.

    • If a delivery time was arranged and had to be rescheduled by the carrier due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. Weather related delay, truck breaking down, illness, etc.), Furniture Clearance Center, LLC is not responsible for compensating the buyer for missed work or loss due to hired help for the originally scheduled time. Furniture Clearance Center, LLC may choose to provide a reasonable partial refund to the buyer due to the inconvenience, but it is up to our discretion based on the situation. Returns resulting from this type of situation will be subject to our standard return policy.

    • If you request a time for delivery that is not within the available time frame the carrier can accommodate within or it is considered after hours, additional charges may apply that would need to be paid prior to delivery. There is no extra charge however for complying with the freight carrier's schedule and availability for delivery.

    • If you have scheduled delivery and no one is present to receive the order at that time, a redelivery fee will be charged. It is important therefore that you adhere to the appointment that you made with the carrier and notify them of any changes as soon as possible.

    • A legal adult must be present to inspect and sign for the delivery of the order. It is against our policy and arrangement with the freight carriers for an order to be left when no one is home. If a minor signs for it or if a buyer goes outside of this policy to have the order left for them when no one is present to accept in person, Furniture Clearance Center, LLC and the freight carrier are released from liability for any damage later found to the merchandise or the buyer's personal property. Returns resulting from this type of situation will be subject to our standard return policy.


The Following Instructions MUST be Followed When Your Order is Being Delivered:

  • DAMAGE INSPECTION - It is best to completely inspect the contents of each box, regardless of the condition of the outside of the box. Count, open & inspect entire contents BEFORE signing for the shipment!

    • If damage to the boxes, products and / or shortage is observed, note damaged items and / or shortages on the delivery receipt.

    • Inspection is not the driver’s responsibility, so please be sure that you are the one making note of the damage on ALL of the driver’s copies of receipts.

    • Failure to note damages / shortages at the time of delivery releases Furniture Clearance Center, LLC from all liability; therefore, you are responsible for any replacement costs. Specific notation of damage to the carton and product is required.

    • If you signed for the carton without notating any damage on the delivery receipt you have signed the goods as “Free and Clear.” A notation of “Subject to Inspection”, “Possible Damage” or anything of a similar nature on the delivery receipt is NOT acceptable and is viewed the same as if it were signed clear. If damage is not specifically notated on the delivery receipt, the freight carrier will not accept responsibility for the damage. That means that we will not be able to provide replacements to you free of charge. You will be responsible for any replacement costs.

    • All freight companies should allow a specific amount of time for you to inspect your shipment before the driver leaves. Freight carriers are not our employees and do not operate under our supervision. They are their own business, so if the driver refuses to wait for you to inspect the contents, be sure to completely look over the outside of the shipping boxes and wooden pallet. Note any damage to the packaging even if you do not feel it is something of importance no matter how minor it may appear.

  • A legal adult is required to be present at the time of delivery that is aware of this freight policy and will adhere to it. Furniture Clearance Center, LLC is not responsible if a minor child is given authority to receive an order in the absence of an adult.

  • Furniture Clearance Center, LLC is not responsible if you are unable to get the furniture into your home for any reason. Please be sure you have taken the necessary measurements of your doorways and other access areas prior to purchase.

  • When you sign the delivery receipt, it is a legal contract that states that you accepted the product in that condition. Please thus take the time to follow these instructions that are provided for your protection.

  • In very exceptional cases where delivery may result in unusually high freight charges (including, but not limited to, remote rural delivery locations, inner city deliveries, island deliveries, etc.), Furniture Clearance Center, LLC reserves the right to cancel an order. Please contact us first if you'd like to check to see if your location may qualify as an "extreme delivery condition".


There are Two Categories of Freight Damage: 

  1. NOTATED DAMAGE – Damages are notated when the damage is written on the delivery receipt and / or are refused. Furniture Clearance Center, LLC must be notified of the damage and / or refusal within 72 hours so that we may issue you a replacement or refund. If the driver did not remove the goods at the time of delivery, you must retain the product and all of the packaging materials.

  2. CONCEALED DAMAGE – Damage that is found after the driver has left and was not notated on the delivery receipt is concealed damage. Replacement or repair costs will apply on all concealed damages. It is your responsibility to inspect the entire shipment before the driver leaves. Failure to do so releases Furniture Clearance Center, LLC from all liability. If concealed damaged is discovered, Furniture Clearance Center, LLC must be notified within 72 hours. We require that all original packaging materials be retained. Photographs of the outer and inner packaging as well as the damaged product are required. Free replacements or full refunds are NOT able to be offered for concealed damage

Damages that occur in transit are unfortunate. Our policies are in place to protect everyone involved and help to expedite the resolution process. Our policies are directly impacted by freight companies as we have to follow their rules and regulations. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding our policy on accepting freight shipments at (336) 663-8153.

As a reminder, our freight shipping is a Curbside Only delivery service. Furniture Clearance Center, LLC will not approve or accept the charges for any services other than those provided for curbside delivery.


FedEx / UPS / USPS:

  • When possible, if your item is small and / or lightweight your package will ship via FedEx / UPS Ground or USPS.

  • These carriers will NOT notify you prior to delivery.

  • If shipped without a required signature for these deliveries, the decision to leave your package without a signature is at the discretion of the delivery person.  If the driver feels it is unsafe to leave the package with no one home, a notice will be left for you to either sign to release delivery on the next business day or contact FedEx / UPS / USPS to make arrangements to pick the item up from them.

  • Please be sure we have any and all correct shipping information with your order.  The order is required to be delivered to the address originally provided with payment so cannot be changed afterward. Please notify us in advance should the need arise to modify the final delivery address.

  • If you notice any damage from shipping after you have accepted the delivery, please follow the instructions within our Damaged Merchandise policy as outlined above.


"Shipment Date" vs "Delivery Date":

  • The shipment date is the date when the item leaves the manufacturer or the warehouse and transit is initiated with the carrier of choice (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Freight...).

  • The delivery date is the date when it arrives at the premises of the customer/purchaser.


Please keep this in mind when making your purchase to avoid any confusion.